Thursday, January 21, 2010

Biji Rating: Book of Eli

Let's do something new. I'm going to rate this movie by how appropriate it would be to watch it with Biji, my grandma.

"Determined to salvage a sacred text in order to protect humanity, Eli (Denzel Washington) goes on a quest across the country in this action-packed sci-fi adventure. Meanwhile, a blind woman named Claudia (Jennifer Beals) tries to protect her daughter, Solara (Mila Kunis). It seems that tyrannical town bully Carnegie (Gary Oldman) has taken a shine to the girl. Directed by the Hughes brothers, the film co-stars Ray Stevenson."

--Netflix via Short Reviews

I give the Book of Eli a 4/5 Biji rating. You could probably watch this with your grandma in the room and not have to fast forward any scenes or get tsked at for watching 'gandh.' But she'd eventually wander off bored. She would in no way understand the twist at the end. I'm sure she would appreciate the women as property motif. The almost-rape scenes are really reminiscent of Bollywood until the late 90s. What makes this movie great is the hero who comes save the day.

Pros: Clear protagonist, straightforward story line, great action scenes, no nudity or kissing.

Cons: Lacking color, no music scenes and lots of bloody violence.


  1. lmao!
    hahah biji rating!!
    i liked the movie
    4/5 is an appropriate rating i think too
    i like mila kunis...but at parts of the movie i thought her acting sucked
    still good movie...reminded me of i am legend

  2. I am legend kept me more on teh edge of my seat. I hope you're not saying that just 'cuz they're black and it's an apocalyptic movie.
    What do you think of the idea of a biji rating, tho?

  3. This idea of 'biji rating' definitely needs to take flight!