Friday, September 24, 2010

Bollywood Zeroes

Bollywood is a film industry based in Bombay, India, catering to the South Asian community. It cranks out hundreds of melodramatic comedies, known as masala films, every year. They generally contain a romance, some tears, a few laughs and lots of dance scenes.

For some reason, a select few actually believe this somehow translates into actual reality. No one breaks out into song at the drop of a hat, no matter how musically inclined they are. Dancing around trees and through fields of flowers is typically considered the beginnings of delirium and will earn you a lot of funny stares--trust me on that one.

The only place reenacting Bollywood moments has been really troublesome is the club. A select group of losers think they're about to star in their own flick. Perhaps they are simply victims of delusions brought on by the deafening music, and brightly clad female dancers. Their hubris and lack of humor compounded by a few glasses of whiskey helps absolutely no one. These guys assume courting a girl means having the acuity to grab her wrist as she's walking past. I'm not sure if that's ever worked for anyone, but my immediate reaction is always: 'WTF?' They're trying to play the suave, debonair hero but end up coming across as the creeper about to assault you. They are a particular menace one should be aware of at any Indian function and on occasion clubs in the LA area.

I'm going to toss the aforementioned creeps under Jus Reign's 3rd category: Horny Immigrant.
If you haven't seen this clip already, it's called "5 Most Annoying Brown Guys."

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